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Industry sectors: Heritage

Our spectacular historic environment & heritage properties are so important to us as a nation. We’ve suffered some significant losses in the past few decades and learnt a lot from these. The owners or custodians of these buildings want first class protection, but is not just a matter of buying good quality equipment that’s fit for purpose. Employing an experienced contractor to install it with the minimum of disruption and damage is equally important.

We won our first heritage property installation in 1996. The National Trust employed us as a main contractor for the replacement of an existing system but enhanced it with aspirating detection and site wide text message pager interface. Dyrham Park, a spectacular 17th century mansion is still protected by an Impulse fire detection and alarm system but an even newer one than the 1996 installation.

Since those early days, our industry, the available equipment and some methods have changed significantly but the specialist nature of the craftsmanship needed to install and maintain them, hasn’t. We have an excellent core of experienced craftsmen that can deliver these works in the most challenging environments. We’ve just completed a full replacement of the fire detection and alarm systems in Buckingham Palace, the Royal Mews, St James & Kensington Palaces. You’d need to talk to us about how we did this whilst they remained operational and available to the public as normal.